From The Man Who Revolutionized Casino Entertainment

The Philadelphia Daily News Called Him “The Most Influential Booker Of Entertainment In The Western Hemisphere”

BOOK’EM is his story, about how he got nontraditional casino acts to break down the old barriers and created a revolution in booking casino entertainment by bringing it into a new era. While Las Vegas was doing the older more traditional forms of entertainment, Atlantic City – the only other gaming Mecca in the U.S. at the time – was also duplicating what the Las Vegas Sun called the “has been acts”. Those stages used to feature artists at the end of their careers but when Tom Cantone was recruited by the Sands, he changed the game. He started signing younger, more contemporary edgy artists who never played a casino.
Cantone paved the way for such performers to broaden their entertainment scope and enhance their careers and fan base. From the Sands in Atlantic City to the biggest casinos in the world, Tom Cantone made it hip to play a casino. He booked the hottest names of their day to fill the casino stages. This new waves of fresh faces, all making their casino debuts under Cantone’s watch, helped Revolutionize Casino entertainment. The Las Vegas Sun editorial said, “Maybe the new kid (Cantone) on the East coast can teach the old kid on the West coast a lesson or two,” when it proclaimed Atlantic City as the new entertainment capital.
Tom’s level of excellence is comparable to that of Steve Wynn and Sol Kirzner… he is one of the few in our industry that is respected in all areas.
Paul Anka
Paul Anka
Singer & Songwriter
Tom Cantone is the man who brought me to Atlantic City. So therefore he obviously has a great eye for talent.
Howie Mandel
Howie Mandel
TV Host/Comedian
Ask any entertainer who has come into contact with Tom Cantone and I'm sure his grade will average out to a 97. I took 3 points away because he went to Penn State.
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby


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A word from the author

Tom Cantone – The Man Who revolutionized Casino Entertainment

This book took a lifetime to write and represents hundreds of people who have helped me on this Fantastic Journey. Who would have thought I’d be writing a book about being an eyewitness to American Pop Culture?